What’s happening?

We’re currently in Oakland, house-sitting a true country-style place, and I’m enjoying the sun and the backyard. The door to the deck is wide open, and the breeze is cool, but not chilly. Our “experiment in East Bay living” has been an overall lovely experience and it has reawakened a desire for a better quality living space as I realize how much uninterrupted sleep and taking care of a garden truly affect my psyche for the better. (The spiders, not so much, but no place is perfect…)

good morning gloryAll anyone talks about in the Bay Area is how difficult it is to find housing, so finding a positive angle to the pursuit is daunting in itself.

Do we stay in SF? Do we move to the East Bay? Does the pro of more space outweigh the pro of a short commute? Where do we really want to settle down? Where are we invested? How much can we invest? What kind of neighborhood do we want? What kind of neighborhood are we willing to build?

Instead of going straight to Craigslist, my first step has been to simply tell our friends, “Hey, this is what we’re thinking…” and get feedback and suggestions. Start a discussion. My second step will be to clean up our current apartment – donate or get rid of things that we don’t need – like I would before a move, but not in a frantic rush like before a move.

hawk & henBut besides thinking a lot about space, settling, home, neighborhoods, and the various costs of living in the Bay Area, what else is happening?

At ODC, we’re preparing for the Company’s Summer Sampler, which opens the ODC Theater’s Music Moves Festival all during August. And I’ve already started a major costume project for ODC’s annual The Velveteen Rabbit. This year, we’re recreating the main character’s pants based on an original costume piece from 10-15 (?) years old. This includes creating 3D fabric with Jamielyn Duggan, of eimaj designs, one of my all-time favorite people to work with!

In freelance-land, I’m building costumes for Tanya Bello’s Project B upcoming show at Z Space. It includes dyeing and fabric painting, which are some of my favorite costume crafts activities.

One of my current projects that I’m thoroughly enjoying is an ongoing interview and original art series curated by Stance On Dance, called “Men Who Dance.” I’m interviewing male dancers and creating an original piece of art to go with each interview online. I’m going to be creating a zine of the first round of interviews for my 5th year at SF Zine Fest. I also have a desire to turn this project into a book!

I’m also revamping my Etsy shop, which is now at http://bylbdesigns.etsy.com.

I continue meditating, doing yoga, and studying dance.

From March to June, I rehearsed and performed an original Bollywood piece by my Bollywood-Jazz guru, Namita Kapoor. We performed a total of four times – once at Union Square during Bay Area Dance Week, and three times at ODC for Global Dance Passport.

Namita has an upcoming show called Hindu Swing that I’m super excited about! It “illuminates the historical relationship between Indian and Western music and dance as they were ingeniously blended in the choreography of (Jack) Cole, a nightclub dancer in the 1930s who went on to choreograph for Broadway and Hollywood.” It’s August 23rd & 24th and is a part of the Dance and Diaspora series at the ODC Theater, and the Music Moves Festival. You should come!!!

So that’s my big “HEEEY world!” update! For an ending, here is a quote that keeps percolating in my brain, from a book that was laying out in the Oakland house we’re staying at:

“Want what you have and don’t want you don’t have.                                                  Here you will find true fulfillment.”

Quoted by Jack Kornfield in Offerings: Buddhist wisdom for every day by Danielle and Olivier Follmi.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

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