the last long (mini) update #3: April & May

Dear friends,

I had a very significant couple of months this April and May 2012:

the last, long (mini) update #3 : April & May

Despite our troubles, we found a great apartment in the Mission and by the beginning of April we were moved!

I truly believe we didn’t get lucky because of checking Craigslist 20 times an hour, or offering a landlord a blank check, it was because we constantly reminded our friends that we were looking, and now, one of our friends is our landlord!

I love our bathroom!

Our new spot is still small, but it’s a huge improvement on our last space. We actually have a separate bedroom! And it’s actually big enough for both of our desks! And still felt spacious after we put them in there! But it was lacking in a few necessities, so we embarked on home improvement projects! I also started a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration for these projects.

The first project for me was making curtains. We needed curtains for the bedroom windows, and to cover our closets, which had no doors and were in the main room. I also wanted Japenese-style noren, or half-curtains, for the bedroom entrance, which also had no door, to at least provide an illusion of privacy. After doing a lot of researching for an affordable option, I decided to use my sewing skills and make burlap curtains, a project I learned a lot from.

Matt welded and built a beautiful shoe rack for us, as well as an incredible set of shelves for our bedroom, to make up for lack of storage spaces.

Moving is incredibly stressful, and never fun every time we do it, but I’m so grateful for our new place and my awesome, creative boyfriend.

We’re more settled in now. This is our living room, today:

I’m still organizing, and Matt is still building things, but more on apartment projects later…

In May, I turned a big 2-7, which for some reason, was freaking me out. Some numbers, man… I don’t even know! But it turned into one of the happiest birthdays I’ve ever had. The day of, we went to the Giants game (we won!!!) and Matt baked me the most amazing cake ever!

I also received the best birthday card ever, from my parents! Any card that includes coloring a My Little Pony is automatically the best birthday card EVER:

Also in May, I went on my first tour with ODC Dance and The Velveteen Rabbit, to Davis and the Mondavi Center. We even had an awesome day off and went rock climbing in Sacramento and swimming in Folsom Lake!

AND in May, for the first time since moving to SF, I saw the Carnaval parade in the Mission! Matt and I went with our friend Esme. It was a cold foggy day for it (I felt bad for the scantily clad dancers) but it was still a lot of fun and a cool experience.

I loved the colorful costumes the most (of course), but also that so many cultures and ethnic groups were represented. There was lots of dancing and great music! My favorite moment was seeing the Rhythm & Motion school, which is based at ODC, in the parade. They had a HUGE group with lots of folks I recognized, and definitely the best dancing!

Whew! April & May were so busy, I’m exhausted just remembering them! But this is the last of the mini updates. It’s been a pretty chill June & July here in the Mission. Thanks for letting me remember the past! New posts on new artistic pursuits are on the way.

– LB